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Brand Logo Design-new name & logo

I took your suggestions & madea a more simple logo with a version of my name.  Any better?



I am taking skillshare & make it in design classes to learn surface pattern design.  I am make a lot of designs that are bright, bold, fun, abstract,  but some are a little more straight laced.  I looked in google search under my name & a combination of other names related to me & I didn't like the search results.  Plus, I am not a designer by trade, so my name would not matter.  After watching your 2 classes, I felt the the play on words for the brand name I chose works well & describes me & my designs.  I designed the logo & would like to know what you or anyone else thinks about it.


I am going to add: "Patterns that are Fun, Fancy, & Funky"

This is a project I did for Bonnie Christine's Surface Pattern design class & gives an example of my style.  



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