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Khara Woods

Graphic Designer



Brand Identity for NJWGDS

//Ok, so here's the logo we're currently using for our art gallery/design studio. It's very banner/ribbon like. Not sure if it truly represents what we are. I definitely would like to change the typeface. I'm thinking of a Rockwell/Quicksand combination. We currently have Tribute, which I love, but I'm not sure if I want to go forward with it.

I'm definitely changing this logo and it will now be based more on my creative brief than ideas floating aimlessly around in my head. 

My creative brief (Revised)

//Old elements (stamps, ribbons, enclosures), some I may keep or discard. I definitely need to be more consistent. But I can't decide on what to use. It's soooo difficult designing for yourself! But it's time to re-vamp this, make it shine.

//Want to use as much wood, wooden elements as possible in our gallery, in our collateral pieces, whatever!

//Here's the revised moodboard; however, this may change, as I continue to hone my ideas. The new fonts I choose will have a more hand drawn feel. We love the citron color, so it will be dominate. I like industrial elements as well. Use chipboard, kraft paper may give me the homespun look I'd like.

Palette Exploration

//My mom paints with yellow-green a lot, and we both adore the color, so I'd like it to be my primary color. There are accent walls in our gallery coated with color. It's lively, bright, happy and has energy.My secondary color is light and versatile. I think the neutrals, the dark brown and nutmeg-y color I've included, will ground the palette. 

I'm seriously considering changing my logo, including my typeface. I'm currently using Tribute, but I'd like to use something with a handwritten feel. I think this would reflect the homespun aspect of my creative brief. I could pair Tribute with a script for a nice contrast. The enclosure that I drew is whimisical looking to me and I could keep my scallop look that I love so much. I'm looking at fonts now and sketching new layouts for my logo.

Typography Exploration

I'm thinking I want a script, slab serif/ sans serif combo. I need the script to be whimsical, fun and the slab serif  or sans serif to reflect the sophisticated aspect of our company. The search is on! I think the two styles will compliment. I hope.

Here's what I culled from

Script options

Non Script Options


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