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Katherine H.

Graphic Designer



Brand Attribute: A Bookstore

Brand Attribute Form How to Write Ad Copy Like Don Draper

Please fill in the following blanks and submit via the Skillshare link before moving onto “What Motivates People to Buy”. Thank you!


The brand/product/service for which

I will write my advertisements is:          a bookstore


This brand/product/service reminds me of an old Volkswagen bug, because they are dependable, have a great deal of experience, and pleases everyone young and old.


I associate this brand/product/service with a housecat, because housecats are laid back and takes pleasure in solitude (which is what happens when book lovers go to read books) and they want to be intrigued or else they will get bored easily..


Zooey Deschanel would best represent this brand/product/service because she has a very mellow personality and has an eye for the unique/unusual.


I would describe this brand/product/service as a/an sage, because bookstores have a wealth of knowledge that can be shared with others so it is safe to say that readers have a better understanding of our world.


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