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Brainstorming project #1 List of Ten and #2 Clustering

Date Locations

  1. Restaurant
  2. Carnival
  3. Movie Theater
  4. Prom
  5. Mini Golf
  6. Laser Tag
  7. Paint Ball
  8. Bowling Alley
  9. Bar
  10. Coffee Shop

Clown Names

  1. Bozo
  2. Jingles
  3. Mr. Giggles
  4. Bouncy
  5. Baggy Britches
  6. Sparkles
  7. * Snarky *
  8. Boinks
  9. Krispy
  10. Mumbles

He gazed in the mirror applying the finishing touched to his exaggerated, bright red smile. "You were made for this." he muttered while he powdered his bald, bright white scalp. He repeated his mantra, "This is your destiny." as he exited his trailer and headed to his car. His giant floppy shoes squeaking with every step. When he pulled into up to a white, two story house with balloons flying and children running in the yard he look in the rear view mirror one last time and said, " Let's DO this."

He looked around the room and the twelve boys and girls sitting on the floor staring up at him and the parents gathered around the edges of the room. "Hey boys and girls! Are you ready for a good time?!". "YAY!!!!" the children screamed. "Righty-o!" He giggled. He went to his bag of tricks and wowed the children with balloon animals and squirting flowers. Once all the children had their very own balloon and all the parents were gleaming with pride at the joy on their kids faces, he took out his phone and took a group photo. "Oh will you be sure to email that picture to me? I want to add it to my scrapbook for the Holly." said the mother of the birthday girl. "Don't worry. I'm instagramming it now." He started to speak aloud the caption he was putting on the photo. "Another good days work." The parents all did a collective "aww." But he wasn't finished. "The pleasure these people get out of balloon animals makes me question their intelligence level. Party was Barney themed. I weep for our future." 

He looked up from his phone to looks of confusion and disgust. One father was repressing a laugh. The show wasn't over. 

"Alrighty birthday girl! You get an extra special birthday balloon! What is your most favorite animal?" 

"Pony!" Holly exclaimed.

He rolled his eyed and sighed extravagantly. He proceeded to blow up the balloon and twist it into shape. "Why does every little girl love ponies? Why couldn't she love pheonixes or antelope? I'm so over ponies I could puke." he muttered under his breath while twisting the balloon into shape. When he finished Holly took her prize with hesitation and sulleness. He finished up his gig with a fart noises and prat falls. The laughter in the room was sparse and uncomfortable. 

Holly's mother walked him to the door. "Well. thanks for the show. I guess." "My pleasure! " he replied. "Here is your check. What did you say your clown name was again?" she said. "Snarky. Snarky the Clown. Elitism with a Smile. That's my motto!" he told her. "Oh. Well good day" she said. "Thanks. I'm sure you'll have loads to share with the other fat mother's in your scrapbooking club." He he added sarcastically. She grunted in disgust and slammed the door in his face.

With a shrug he walked back to his car. 

Looking in the rear view mirror he told himself, " Aced another one champ." 



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