Brainstorming! Run for your lives!

Both music festivals want the band. Maybe you could construct the question on "how can we share our music with the most fans today?".  

I was thinking that if one festival played the band early, the band then flys to the other festival for a late day preformance. If the band gear can't travel that fast, fine.  Borrow instruments or even preform with another band and do a big show.

Another idea of mine is that the band could maybe have members at each location.   The preformance for both places would be a compromise and not the whole package.   They could team up with other talented musicians for hire or other bands?

Last idea is streaming.  Preform at one location and either stream the show at the same time for one massive audience.  Other other festival would need to provide a stage with screen setup. Or with the same streaming idea, the band could preform twice that day.  One in front of a live audience and the other in a more personal streaming performance. Either of those ideas could also get individuals at home access to the show online.


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