Brainstorm - student project

LMAN is a superhero baby with high intelligence and agility. He lives in a middle-class neighborhood with his parents and attends daycare and church in addition to playing at home. While attending daycare his parents and other parents in the neighborhood are stolen by a mysterious villain known as Boogieman. LMAN must rescue all the parents and defeat the mysterious Boogieman.

While attending Daycare LMAN’s parents and other parents of kids at the daycare are “parent” napped by Boogieman. LMAN waits and waits for his parents to come and pick him up from Daycare. LMAN begins to feel fear and abandon. As he finds his way home from Daycare and realizes that his parents are gone, LMAN (Lukas) must find out who has taken his parents and why. He lacks self confidence to rescue his parents and is afraid that they are gone forever but knows he must try to rescue them.