Brainstorm Your Romance Story

Brainstorm Your Romance Story - student project

Spell of the Bayou

Paranormal Enemies to Lovers Romance

Passion: I want to tell my story because I can’t find any that represent me out in the world right now. There are BBW romances, but not much about black BBWs who fall for monsters that go bump in the night.

Theme: Love can come in all shapes and sizes. Tori works great as a spy/thief because she is plus-sized and can easily stay out of the spotlight. Jorma is an alligator shifter struggling with his past mate leaving him once he transformed in front of her.

Flaw: Tori is stubborn and has a hard time letting things go. Jorma suffers from the inability to put the past behind him and grow beyond those issues.

Love Interests: Tori (thief) and Jorma (bounty hunter)

Premise: What if a thief encountered a bounty hunter while on a job and has to overcome her stubbornest to save him and the city?

Ashleigh Davenport
Putting the Romance into Comics