'BrainForBrawn' for students and organizations- where small engagements turn into long relationships

The cover photo is what it is, I don't have a logo yet. 

The idea is to create a marketplace where students from leading programs globally interact with organizations via short engagements (<20 hrs) to facilitate better discovery for both parties. Organizations, and especially SMEs benefit from the global reach to leading talent that they otherwise would not have had, and students get to try out different things before committing to a longer term internship or job. 

User stories:

The company should be able to easily/rapidly (by the end of day) find a student/s to help them with their project

The student should hear back immediately (by the end of day) on whether a project they're interested in is a go or not

The company should be able to indicate when a project has been completed

BFB should be a clearing house for payments (company pays BFB, BFB pays student)


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