Anisa Sagynova

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Brain and Iceberg Low Poly Illustration

Hi everybody!

First of all, I would like to thank Blake for such an awesome class! I really enjoyed the class and was so glad that I finally learned this technique as I was always wondering how to produce Low Poly illustration.

I am a Graphic Design student and I ought to create an editorial image for the fictional scientific magazine, called "The Scientific Reader" for my module project. The title of the article is "It takes more than IQ to desribe how our brains work" (Available at: So I think it was successful to apply this technique for the iceberg and I think it works really great with iceberg images.

Here are some of the stages from the original iceberg image to the final result:


(Available at:



Here is my moodboard and color palette:


 Here is my final result:



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