Braided Statement Necklace

I. Hurray for Necklace-Making!

At first I had no idea what I was doing, and still don't, but,

inspired by these bracelets by Melanie Auld,

i grabbed some blue yarn I'd had laying around and started braiding.
And braiding.
And braiding.
And brai  d  i n g.

What did I have to lose? 

Besides the health of my fingers and my sanity, that is.

II. Necklace Sharing is Caring (2/10/13)

As of today, I've got this - blue bib necklace thing - going on:

a. Horizontal Agate! 

b. Vertical Agate!

*  I'm not sure how to actually connect the braids to the chain, currently coming up with + looking for ways to do that. 

 I still haven't cut the chain yet, somehow I think I'd better not... 

Feedback welcome!

III. Finished!

It actually looks better laying flat like this; when it's worn, the gravity and the weight of the agate makes it sag, making it more V-shaped.

Super happy to have made my first necklace. :D

Thanks for the feedback!

And many thanks to For the Makers!


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