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BoxMarket - The nation's first AgriFood Shopping Destination

If you live in a Suburban community - you are already familiar with ths sprawling, ugly, boring "Smart Centre" strip malls that use the same formula over and over again.

"Cornerstone" tenants; Bank, Pharma, Chiropractor/Dental, Nail Salon, Pet Store, Rogers Plus, National Grocer, etc


Each mega-strip mall, looks like a carbon copy of the one a half a kilometer away. They are all supported by Large Nationals and Franchises. No coherent "method to the madness". No other reason for consumers to shop there save for the convenient location in a land completely void of choice.

Of particular concern is the utter lack of any "Specialty" or "Artisan" (niche) AgriFood establishments. We might be led to believe that suburban consumers are satisified with the "one-stop-shop" National Food Chains with produce from half way around the world?

Nonsense! This is not the case! Suburan residents have the same desire for access to Fresh, Local, Specialty Food options enjoyed by their Urban "Neighborhood" counterparts. The Artisan Bakers and Cheese Mongers. Dry-aged Meats, Local, healthier protein options such as Bison or Venison. Usually found clustered in "desination neighborhoods". Examples in Ottawa are; The Market, The Glebe, Westboro, Hintonburg, New Edinburgh, etc.

Why don't these specialty stores set up shop in Suburbia you may ask? First - they aren't invited. Due to restrictive "financial covenants", most large developers are required to "pre-lease" a certain % of their squre footage FAR in advance. Thus, they focus almost exclusively on "National" chains. Second - even if a unit in one of these behemoth strip malls did become vacant - they are unappealing to such entrepreneurs.  Units sandwiched between a Nails Etc, Dental Office and Loblaws...hardly seem like an appetizing (pardon the pun) location to open up a specialty food retailer.

It is not by accident that Urban shopping districts often have "themes" to them. Ex. High-End clothing blocks or Haute Cuisine streets :-). It is good business, for like-minded Artisan stores to operate near each other. For instance someone who is willing to spend a little more on their Kobe Beef purchase, might be willing stop and peruse one of those new "Oil and Vinegar Tasting Bars".

The problem is - the Suburbs are too new and spread out to have these types of neighborhoods emerge "organically" (again pardon the pun) through tenant turnover, etc. We need a better, quicker alternative.

Enter - BoxMarket. The Nation's first AgriFood Shopping Desination Mall dedicated to Artisan Producers, run by LOCAL, SMALL BUSINESSES. Examples are Butchers, Specialty Cheeses, Fish Mongers, Artisan Bakers, Oils/Vinegars, Spice Shops...etc.

To summarize:

Problem #1 - Suburban residents do not have access to the specialty AgriFood retailers of the Urban Neighborhoods. 

Problem #2 - Those AgriFood retailers do not have any appealing lease options to join up with other Specialty Food Retailers

Solution - Build a Destination shopping locale that caters to both needs. It provides consumers access to vendors normally only located in Urban Neighborhoods, and it provides Retailers a lower-risk profile for lease. The ability to "set up shop" with complimentary businesses catering to the same Consumer Profile!



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