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Boutique In Paris

A couple of options that I tried last night.... thought about Paris being an inviting place for love....and walking and seeing this adorable boutique with trendy beautiful colors....clothes that with a fashion influence that adults would wear but comibng colors and adorably sweet emebelishments to create designs for children.


These colors are all taken from my color boards that I have created to color my hand lettered art and drawings. My audience is children.

Oh darn I realized it shoud read Living....well it is my first try....I was thinking of turining the I in in to maybe a needle....

Here is a recent edit. I just love the third and specifically the fourth logo. I love the delicate and beauty of the font...much like a child. I love the adorable buttons and it just gives the logo a colorful and happy almost vibrant mood...again like what it would be like to take your kids on a shopping trip down a cute little street with lots of boutiques. I litteraly closed my eyes and just imagined walking along a finding this cute shop sign and finidng all of these sheek adorable clothes that almost look like hey if this were in my size I'd wear it but the colors and small details create this adorable style for choldren. This is my thought process and I had a wonderful time dreaming of Paris and designing this logo.  I thought about what kind of clothes the shop would sell and who would shop there and just came up with this design.


Oh maybe I should take the color scheme from number I and add a little peach to it?

I am teaching this class


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