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Bourbon Label

I'm in the process of making a bourbin infused with apples, just for the hell of it and to celebrate the arrival fall. I'm taking stome garbage bourbon and Granny Smith apples and letting them sit for 5+ days in a closet in a container. It might be disgusting but what the hell. The point is, I'm designing a lable for it! I live in Woburn MA which is one of the first settlements in the country and I'm doing research on our founders Edward Convers and Edward Johnson who founded Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts which is the oldest chartered military organization in North America, and wrote the first histroy of the American colonies as well as the first map of Mass. There's some intersting stories behind these guys and this area that I'm hoping to incorporate in the design. Most likely apple bourbon will have nothing to do with them, but who knows! 

Im in the process of naming it and creating the story behind it and will then move on to design. 


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