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Bound No More

Bound No More - a team of professionals working together to free victims of human trafficking and other exploitaiton.

We speak at colleges high schools and other venues where parents and students of teen and young adults gather. We are looking to build an funding stream through low cost insurance so that families whose loved ones may be targets of human traffickers.

People who have bought this insurance for thier loved ones have the peace of mind that if thier loved one fall into the cluthces of the second largest crime in the world they can access a team of professionals who will work with the maily to free the loved one.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime int he world according to the U.S. Department of Justice- as many as 300,000 US citizens may be victims of this crime annually,

"I would not wisih this on my workst enemy- thank you for rescuing me"  Kathy a rescued victim of sex trafficking -

"Thank you for giving me my son back - thank you- you are my angels" - Mother of a rescued  21 year old male victim of trafficking

" I am so happy I am starting college today- thanks to the team at Bound No More  I want to become an attorney." rescued victim sold by her parents


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