Bouncing back brightness

Bouncing back brightness - student project

Dear Marte Marie,

wow, thank you so much for taking us on That exciting and inspiring tour. 
I have to admit it looks soooo easy when you are stepping into the garden scenery’s and it is so enjoyable to watch how you actually „design“ tablestories. You are truly a great visual author.


me, as a beginner with a quite comfortable camera - an Olympus om-d e-M10 III, tried to Walk in your shoes...  
well, that’s the result.

Bouncing back brightness - image 1 - student project
no clue, why I decided to go with the white bounce back paper and very white mushrooms , they are simply fading away.

Bouncing back brightness - image 2 - student project

the potatoe salad actually got the black paper to get more texture but it doesn’t look really appealing.

Bouncing back brightness - image 3 - student project

oh oh... still a lot to learn.

Bouncing back brightness - image 4 - student project

the easiest part was to name my camera SIR HENRY - very british

Happy to receive your thoughts and the ideas of the community.

lots of tulips.

ulrike fromText&Tulip


Ulrike Text&Tulip