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Bounce approach to project management

What's X for Y?

  • This is like an RPG (Role-playing game) for Project Managament.

What’s the elevator pitch of your idea?

  • It interacts with you along the way and asks you questions about your progress.

What's the problem you're trying to solve?

  • Too few people know how to develop the skill of project management, especially for long-term projects.

I want to create some type of product based on a "bounce" (I'll explain this shortly) approach to project management.

Whether this is an app, a webpage or a program, this tool will allow you to plan your project and interact with it by answering questions.

Imagine an productivity app inwhere you begin a project, let's say, to write an essay on turtles.    

Instead of only filling in certain information, such as due date, reminders, priority, the app will ask you to select among certain categories of projects. In this case, it is a writing project. The app, based on the type of project, will "interact" with you during the timeframe assigned and send you questioning reminders such as: Have you worked on the general outline yet? What is your main topic? Do you have a catchy starting sentence? These reminders will be automatically be planned backwards in time. 

The purpose is to aid you in breaking down the steps to getting to the final goal. It should be especially useful for long term goals. Also, the tool will allow you to respond using fill-in the blank, and RPG-like (role-playing game) answers. This will allow it to have constant updates on your progress and how it should keep interacting with you. 

This interacting system is what I initially reffered to as a "bounce" approach to project management: both the tool and the user are constantly "bouncing" feedback to each other. I have many other features in mind, but I must keep myself to a MVP. 


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