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Boulevardia Advertisement

Considering this is my first, full-blown venture into Illustrator (as well as my first attempt at operating a MAC since college which was just over 2 years ago) I think I did ok. By ok I mean I didnt fall flat on my face and give up. I've always been a traditional artist. Drawing and printmaking have always been my passion and anything to do with computers or graphic design just kind of terrified me.

I knew that in order for me to get to the next level I needed to make the jump from traditional media to graphic design I had to buy a computer and get the programs because design kept becoming more and more demanding of my attention with numerous commissions that would be much easier if I had basic knowledge of Illustrator.

So here it is, my first ever attempt at creating something entirely in Illustrator. I am a freelance illustrator based in Kansas City and Boulevardia was a local music and craft beer event started by Boulevard Brewing Company. I am proud as hell of my city and proud to be apart of something on the brink of artistic and creative explosion. I found it only fitting to do a replica of this advertisement  which I have admired for its color palette and design the second I saw it.

I struggled with the colors more than anything, there is supposed to be one unifying color but I had the hardest time trying to get everything to match up while using color burn and playing with the transparency against the background. I couldnt match the type for "Greetings from" exactly so I had to pick a typeface from the library. Everything else was pen tool, lots and lots of pen tool and shape building. Sure, its not perfect, but to me this project reperesents everything I needed to learn.

I learned an unbelievable amount just from this class and reproducing this. From creating my own patterns, to gradients, to various short-cut keys, this class lit a fire under my ass. Thank you to anyone who read this boring little bio and leaves any feedback, which I would greatly appreciate, I have more work to do and much to learn.


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