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I was thinking about something that happened not such a long time ago, I was just starting to boulder, got the shoes, chalk bag and a detailed map on Joshua Tree, mapping out all the epic bouldering routes out there.

I remember thinking to myself, I have no idea what I am about to start doing, but my curiosity of what was going to happen when I start was too great to worry too much about anything other then, seeing the sunrise before I start.

As I began looking for the boulders in the book, I had realized something very important that I had overlooked, the damn GPS 6 digit grid was right next to the boulder I was looking for. The problem of course was that I didn't have…yup, a GPS. So the next boulder I got to that looked climbable I started on.

One route in particular was pretty wild and I quickly realized that I couldn't go back down the way I came up, also called down climbing. Now for some reason as I am standing there in the most inefficient way possible and wearing out my grips before I could get this problem figured out. This weird awareness washed over my mind and as it did a loud burst of a laugh “HA!” came out of my mouth.

So I am holding these grips and now the strain in the fingers and the forearms are starting to burn like a healthy layer of tiger balm was applied to them, and the toes were aching in my new shoes as if they were being pinched in vise under my own weight. I forgot all about my troubles in my zen moment, “How like life, you can never go back the way you came” I said to myself.

No matter how I reached down and in to the boulder to those familiar toe holds that were there as I went up, that angle was skewed and different now to my body position as I was moving down, cause I was not where I was before, I couldn't trust those holds to be were I thought I had left them. They weren't there any more and neither was I. The only way down at that point was to keep moving up and down climb the over side.  


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