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Boulder River Poster

I'm psyched for this project. It is my first time using Illustrator and my first class on Skillshare. I have always loved good graphic design and I am excited to start making some of it for myself. 

This is the poster I found online, it is based on the vintage National Park Posters.

I got the basic layout of the poster down using mostly the Blob Brush Tool. The colors are really off but I will fix that after I wathc the color video.

I got finally got the the colors down, it took a good hour to get all the colors just how I wanted them. Then there is just the letting left to do. 

Some of the letters are not exactly the same but I like how it turned out pretty well! Now that I look at it more I think I could have made the outline more exact and maybe touched up the detail on some of the trees. Overall though I think for my first time using Illustrator it turned out really well. 


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