Sarah Boudreau

Designer, Illustrator, + Content Creator



Boudreau Crest

When researching ideas I focused specifically on myself and my three sisters. Our grandparents and parents are from Green Bay, but we moved when I was a kid, so our memories of that area seem more Boudreau than anything else. 


When I pulled source imagery, I noticed many old crests and coat of arms had a crown at the top. My sisters and I used to fight over this thing called the "B" spoon (a regular 'ol spoon with a B engraved on it). Basically our family's #1 heirloom, so I made sure to include this as my illustration's crowning glory.




Initial sketches were pretty rough as I knew most of my work was going to be done in Illustrator.



My sketch in vector form, including all the key subjects I wanted to include.



My final illustration!


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