Boucher Family Crest

Boucher Family Crest - student project

OK, so I decided to do my crest on my father's side of the family, which is very small, so, much of what is on it relates to him specifically. All family tree research indicates that the Bouchers (pron. Booshay) were very early settlers that primarily set their roots in Nova Scotia. My dad was the first generation in many to be born and raised in Quebec.

So, the rest of it goes like this ...

  • Tortière because ... he loves food — cuisines from all over the world but I thought I'd use a French Canadian traditional dish keeping with the theme.
  • Camera, king fisher, and footprints because ... everyday he can, my dad goes for 5 or more walks a day taking pictures of birds, wildlife, seasonal changes and anything quirky or amusing he might see along the way.
  • Music notes because while he's always been a big folk music fan he's now big-time passionate about Baroque music. Going to a live Baroque concert is about one of his very favourite things to do.
  • Hockey sticks. Because Canada. And the Habs. Very important.
  • Maple leaf and Fluer-de-lis because ... he's so proud to be Canadian and especially connected to his French Canadian heritage.

Here it is ...

Boucher Family Crest - image 1 - student project

So I played with the maple leaf and fleur-de-lis as laurel and if I spent more time at it I think I could have eventually made it work but then I just kept playing and before I knew it, I had hockey sticks laurel! So why not? Here is some of the process ...

Boucher Family Crest - image 2 - student project