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Christopher Mathews

Figuring it out.



Bottlenose Dolphin & Lightning "L"

So here's the story. When I was 12 I had a deep infatuation with dolphins – specifically bottlenose dolphins. I "adopted" a few during my childhood, watched every documentary, and even researching how I could become a marine biologist. Needless to say, I'm now a graphic designer who isn't as excited by the sciences as he used to be.

But, that childhood love had always remained so naturally it was the first animal I chose to work with.

I've designed plenty of logos in the past, but I've never studied the grid style like we have in this course – I need to pick up Josef Muller-Brockmann's book as soon as possible. Bottlenose dolphins are naturally curvy, but the grid method helped shape the logo a bit more. Here are photos of my process.

I had some old tracing paper laying around, but I had never had the chance to use it. Perfect time to break it out!

These first outlines are terribly ugly. Like really ugly.

Close, but not close enough. This looks close to the actual shape of a dolphin, but it's not a logo, not nearly.

The outline clearned everything up! The dolphin lost a few pounds and got a fantastic shape. Next I added a few features that I wanted to see, like a shadow, more color, etc.

Here's a better glimpse at the whole project:


For my second project, I created a wordmark using the letter L and lightning as the inspiration. I'm a bit obsessed with the "Lightining in a Bottle" idiom right now. Here's my process.

I'm terrible at sketching. 

I had the idea, but it still needed some fine-tuning. I ended up building a grid to keep everything the exact same size and shape all around.

So it looks good! Now to add some effects and jazz it up.


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