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Botswana Boogie

I needed to get back to the assignment and work on getting text onto my picture. I downloaded pixlr - and I am trying to get the hang of it. It has a bloat tool to make things fat and a pinch tool which I am going to use on a photo of me!

In Botswana we just say 'happy happy' - it probably won't work overseas....

I was also checking out possible images:

These sketches and doodles were done in 2010 and from some of these ideas I had Xmas cards printed some of which I have subsequently sold. I am an expatriate living in Botswana which has a population of less than 2 million and there are pros and cons to working with that! I haven't got any further with my cards as I am trying to work it out as I go along and it is a very slow painful process!! 

I finished three designs but I knew there should be more, and different ranges etc.. Hopefully this class will point me in the right direction!!


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