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Theo C.

Vector Artist



Both Sides.

Hey all! This is my very first skillshare class that I'm taking, and I'll be delving into a few more too!

I'm an aspiring illustrator, but I felt like I really needed help with something in particular, drawing living beings. I want to work in character design, but don't actually fully understand anatomy and such right now! So I'm taking the time to start from scratch, and first with portraits.

I love high contrast, dramatic photography, so I happened to stumble across this image on a deviantart search:

I felt I also needed a Male Reference too, so here's what I found.

Pretty awesome huh? I like the values in the images, and reckon I'll be able to get something nice out of this. I'll update when I feel I have the guts to! But until then, this is all I have!


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