Botanical Watercolors

Botanical Watercolors - student project

I enjoyed your class Cat and I learned so much. It was a fun process. In a previous class, you mentioned I needed to have more water on my brush to blend better., so I tried to do that. I had some little flares of paint that poked out beyond my petals in some places so I removed those by using the techniques you taught in "From Paper to Screen". Those little flares look like water that was puddling into the texture of the paper. Ugh! More practice or too much water? Suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. I practice all suggested techniques for improvement.


painting 1

I think I ended up muddying the colors in the Hibiscus and I got an uneven-looking ring of bleed color along the edges. That might have happened when I applied another layer of color. A bit blah, but I did the work and practiced!
Botanical Watercolors - image 1 - student project


painting 2

I wasn't getting dynamic blooms and I think I picked color opposites which looks like it desaturated the colors some. I didn't get many blooms either. I see today you offer a class on making blooms, so I will take that class next. Botanical Watercolors - image 2 - student project


painting 3

I got much more vibrant colors in this one. I am not sure how great the blooms are, but there are more of them. Botanical Watercolors - image 3 - student project


painting 4

I really like that you showed how color opacity is changed by adding white. These overlapping petals were a great example of that. I think I ran out of paint and remixed with less white, so some of the petals on the top left don't show the overlap as well. I didn't use acrylic paint for the seeds as I wanted to see what the white watercolor paint did. It took 3 layers to get the seeds done. It was fun to create without a drawing to follow.Botanical Watercolors - image 4 - student project


I decided to work with some color variations to the original Hibiscus painting. The original is the first one on the left. Looks like a start to a repeating pattern which I will have to work on further.Botanical Watercolors - image 5 - student project


05-1-2021 Thank you, Cat for your suggestions. I am including these tests below. All these paintings were painted on Strathmore 300 cold press. (I also have Strathmore 400 cold press, that I will have to try out and compare to these to see about those flares). 

Below, are the samples I did using your suggestion about increasing the saturation on the hibiscus. Definitely more vibrant.Botanical Watercolors - image 6 - student project

Next, I went back to the original and only increased the hue, to see what happens. 

Botanical Watercolors - image 7 - student project

Below, is a leaf of the succulent to show the flares I was talking about. This happened a lot and it seems like it is settling into the texture of the paper. I of course, am a novice so technique and skill are what I am practicing to improve. I just started painting last year and I see improvement with each piece I paint.

Botanical Watercolors - image 8 - student project