Botanical Sketchbook +

Botanical Sketchbook + - student project

I've been messing about in this sketchbook for a week or so.  It's a Pentalic A5 size with 140lb paper.  Today, after watching the classes, I drew this tulip.  I live in the desert and have nothing like a tulip and not much grows here except for cactus.  Sooo, from my head, I created this tulip and bud.  I really don't even know what a tulip bud looks like, but I like the effect.  Used my Micron Pigma to draw the outlines in ink then used a 70 year old set of Prang Pan watercolors meant to used by schoolkids!  I am pretty happy with the effect overall and look forward to creating more botanical art.

Botanical Sketchbook + - image 1 - student project

Danielle Schneider
Learning to make art one experiment at a time.