Botanical Scene

Botanical Scene - student project

I took on this class because I was really interested in getting into painting more botanical scenes. For a long time, a lot of my work has been technical and done on computer software and I have lost a lot of my craftsmanship when it comes to more traditional skills. I took this class as a way to jump off and get started on practicing my drawing and painting skills.Botanical Scene - image 1 - student project

This is the initial sketch that I made in my sketchbook prior to starting out the painting. For my materials, I decided to use acrylics for paint just because I had some already laying around and I wanted to practice more with that medium. 

I then set up my bristol board for painting. It is 10'x10' with 1-inch tape covering the edges so the actual size of the painting is a square 9'x9'.

This is my final result. Botanical Scene - image 2 - student projectLet me know what you think!