Botanical Illustration - Monstera Leaf

Botanical Illustration - Monstera Leaf - student project

This was probably the hardest project for me since I'm taking classes here on Skillshare (one year). I've had to go with multiple layers and still I needed help from different media to finish it and have a somewhat decent look. I used white gel pen to clean some lines, watercolor pencils and since the veins were smushed at the end - I used gouache to define them again. Blending is extremely hard and confusing for me so I guess this was my kryptonite. At least I came to the decision that maybe I'm not ready yet for botanical painting so I should probably take a step back and go ahead and try again in a year or so, just to avoid these moments of frustration, self doubt etc.
Otherwise I liked the class a lot, Katya is a great teacher and I would love to take her other classes (all added to my list) when I am feeling more confident :)
Botanical Illustration - Monstera Leaf - image 1 - student project

Elina Zhelyazkova
Watercolor Artist