Botanical Illustration 1

Botanical Illustration 1 - student project

I put this off for so long I may as well be back in college! I went to DC over the weekend (watched the class on the plane), and did my sketch there from he plants around the National Mall. I just completed the painting portion (back here in CO), and had started with my normal watercolors, but then ended up running out to grab gouache just to try it. So this is my first go at gouache and I really liked it. Especially layering over the existing watercolor. It's definitely something I'll explore more in my travel journals and whatnot-- especially the black background, which I used in this instance because it was so warm and humid there in DC it almost felt tropical and somehow doing a black background made me feel a more tropical vibe? I don't know, probably a reference to Hawaiian shirts or something.


Anyway, I was sooooo tempted to just copy straight off the video because I absolutely LOVE Sara's style, but I felt like I should play with something a little bit more "my own" just to keep practicing to try to develop my own style? Idk how I feel about this piece overall, but I really do like the gouache paints so I'm happy I added those to my supply hoard.