Botanical Garden - Gouache

Botanical Garden - Gouache - student project

This was my first piece using gouache!  I generally use watercolours, and have been dying to try out gouache!

I took a bunch of photos the last time I was at a garden centre and used those for reference.

Here is my pencil outline:

Botanical Garden - Gouache - image 1 - student project

Next I filled in shapes with paint. Gouache is definitely different than working with watercolour and was a bit out of my comfort zone!  My gouache is fairly low quality (a super cheap set I bought just to try out), I think a bit higher quality of paint would have gone on smoother and less streaky.

Botanical Garden - Gouache - image 2 - student project

Finally, I added a few layers and details with ink:

Botanical Garden - Gouache - image 3 - student project

Overall, I enjoyed this project!  As someone who generally leans toward more of a loose and messy style, I found it challenging to be more precise and neat,  I think next time, I will try to be more patient, move slower, and pay more attention to detail.

This was definitely fun! I really enjoyed the class and I am always happy to paint flowers!! :)

Kristen Knechtel
Illustrator / Surface Pattern Designer