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Darija B.

Illustration & Visual Identity



Botanic Poetry


Dear Elizabeth, I really enjoyed your course. Thank you for inspiring me and so many other people. It’s amazing what you have showed us.

I work in illustration and Visual Identity field. Even thou I always felt such a huge attraction for patterns, I have never had an occasion to start something related to this amazing world. This is going to be my first experience in pattern design ever, and believe me, I started to see patterns everywhere!! Help J

Since I was a child I have been immerged into the nature. I was born in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia, and a little bit after the war I left the country. Since I was 15 I knew I wanted to travel and to put my own rots somewhere else. So I left, but I still adore my birthplace as much as I love to travel.

Nature is something that connects me to my childhood memories in such a delicate and poetic way. I hope I will be able to pull out the magic.

Thank you again.

Sincerely Yours,



Sketching for this project, I found out that as much I tried to simplify the work, it always go further than it should go.
I definitely have to push myself on minimizing the details because it just complicate the vector part of the job.
I have tried to use the Live trace option, but I'm non satisfied with the result. Redrawing almost everything with the graphic pen works better for me.
These are all micron pen drawings of flora & fauna that I should be using for Botanic poetry.








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