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Kaitlin McCafferty

Work in progress.



Boston after the snow

Boston got hammered with snow this winter and even though it was a few months ago, it feels like it just stopped snowing. I thought it would be fun to look at the city as rebounding from that onslaught, so I tried to highlight plants in some of my shots. I'm also just starting to play with some long exposures and scouting some parking garage rooftops, so wanted to include a couple of those for fun. 

Wellington Station: I like this shot because it has a combination of green and industrial. The train tracks make a nice focal point and line, and the rain and fog in the background. downplay the construction site. The green around the tracks makes it feel lush--such a different feeling from the stark winter! I used VSCO on my phone to edit and liked highlighting the blues and greens since it helped amp up that contrast between the green and the gray/brown.


Sun setting over Back Bay/Charles River/Cambridge: This one is from the Prudential Residential towers. I loved the pink light, the reflections in the (unfrozen) Charles, and the underside of the clouds and how pink they were. This was right as the sun dipped below the horizon.  I'm thinking I should have applied the "rules of thirds" better here, but the colors and reflections are nice.


The public gardens in Boston are such a gem--whoever does the flowers is amazing!!! It's been rainy and foggy which makes the green just really pop. I DID manage to apply the rule of thirds here, and I enhanced the green with a VSCO filter. I like that George Washington is in the middle of the shot, and that there's a slight reflection in the rain on the street--it adds a little light to the foreground. I like that the skyline in the background is hiding a little in the fog.


The Boston Public Library reading room is classic Boston. Not quite a view of Boston coming out of the snow, but so pretty I wanted to share it here. I like the green lights, and the big beautiful windows.  



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