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Boston Terrier Pirate

Me and a bunch of friends are renting a lake house this summer and we wanted to make a t-shirt as a take away. The theme is sailing so I decided to have fun with it and make something I never usually get to do. I was thinking about what could be kind of cool and different... I ended up thinking that a Boston Terrier could be an awesome pirate. Below is my reference image I found.

The next few images are showing the ups and downs I went through trying to figure out what marks helped and hurt the overall look of the piece.

I got anxious and wanted to see where this little guy's eye patch should go. (every Pirate needs an eye patch)

I started noticing that this little guy was looking to cute and I decided I wanted to add a pirate's hat and bandana to help sell the pirate look a bit more. I decided to print him out and redraw some lines with a sharpie. This forced me to stay simple and allowed me to work more efficiently..... I also wanted to bring somemore charecter in to the piece. Below is the rouuuugh sharpie sketch.

By now I have redrew this guy at least 3 times now and am starting to get to a place where I see some light at the end of the tunnel. My lines are getting more consistent and he is starting to have some little pieces of charecter to him.

More details like eyes and cleaning up lines.

Bandada detail, earing, whiskers and a new skull. I wanted to add a black patch somewhere to help show he is a Boston Terrier... but it def wasnt easy. I struggled working that right eye in. I still see some things I would like to change.... 

Final colored version using Fraser's technique (for now). I am happy with the results, but like I mentioned before I do see some areas that I want to tweak. This was a great way to spend two evenings playing/being productive.

Big shout out to Fraser for the awesome inspiration and I hope to run into you again at WMC fest this year.


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