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Ryan Pimental

Graphic Designer



Boston Cream

Hey everyone, please allow me to proudly introduce my pride and joy that is Boston Cream.  Since 2010 my small operation has been selling clothing centrally themed around the City of Boston, playing on its history and traditions with a vintage feel.  A lot of the designs are based off typography and signage found within the city limits.  

You can browse our website over at and find our mission statement below.

Boston Cream delivers quality American-Made garments that mix a throwback to yesterday with the modern hustle of today. We have stuck to our homegrown mantra, as everything from the garments to the packaging they are shipping in is designed and created right here in the states. I have to be honest, it feels good and we could not be more proud of it. No matter what comes our way, we will always stay true to our roots in delivering the highest quality goods without cutting corners. We are always shipping products to locals and visitors around the world, so whether you are in Back Bay or halfway across the globe, you can always feel at home with us. 


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