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Vadim Krutikov

IG: vadim_krutikov



Boredom can lead to non boredom

First off I just want to really thank Joe for taking some time and teaching us a thing or few with this lesson.


One time when I was helping my mom clean houses, and it was time to leave, I couldn't help but take a few snaps of some really aesthetic stuff in this house, in the middle of Denver.

I used VSCO for the edit, M5 of course. 

This was my first time taking photos of things other than landscapes, and I genuinely enjoyed myself.

Couple weeks later I was really really bored and I did not want to do school work, so I took out a white blanket and through some stuff on it. 


My brother had some Iphone 6 camera lenses, but I had a 5s. Trying my best to not shake the lens I snaped some shots of dead flowers. Then using M5 on VSCO, and some light flare using Lens Distortion, I endded up with this


Another one, this time I used A6 on VSCO.


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