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Megan Burke

Megan Burke



Bored To Death

I've always wanted to animate my illustrations, but have been a bit intimidated by the process. So please enjoy my first attempt!

The inspiration for this animation comes from a painting (The Penitent Magdalen (Vanitas) by Jusepe de Ribera) I saw at the San Diego Museum of Art over the holidays. I worked out some sketches and created a line drawing by hand:




I fine tuned and colored everything in Illustrator:






I constructed it so that eveything was on one layer and the eye sockets were cut through so I could layer the eyes underneath. The first version I did is pretty simple; no eyelids, and I was pretty happy with the result even though it looks pretty creepy.


Next I made separate layers for eyelids, and also pulled out the eyelid creases onto their own layer since they would disappear when she blinks. I also played with the speed of the animation to make it more fluid.


I tried a second version where the eyeroll is more continuous, but I think I like the above version best.


That's it! This class was amazing and I want to animate everything. I would much appreciate any feedback, or different ideas of how I could have gone about this. It seems there are a few different ways to get the same result, but I just did what made the most sense as a beginner. Thanks for viewing!


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