Borbulho - A dance piece for audience of all ages

starting too work with color and shapes at the same time. i haven't found the range of colors i think might be right yet. but i'm starting to like using an unifying shape behind the word.

starting to work on some font studies. i added color, but not really the final colors, just so that it makes sense for these studies.

here are my 11 favorites.  trying to decide now on 3 to put more work on

Skeches:  Here are some logo sketches.  I'll try to post some more by tonight.  The piece has a huge orange balloon the represents the sun and it's there throught the lenght of the piece.  i tried to bring that visual reference to the logo.  Also the piece is about bringing awareness to our role within evolution so that we can give continuity to it.  I try to bring that to the logo by using ... in some of them, and by using the circle as a visual element.  Also the circle makes sense to me, since the name means bubbly.

Brief:  This is a logo, and branding for a dance project.  It is a piece for all-ages audiences, something like STOMP, or Blue Man.  The piece is called Borbulho, which in portuguese means "bubbling".  Borbulho's set and lights creates bright saturated colors, in an imaginary universe made of fabric and floating ballons. In this unique "world" beings appear, and develop. They walk, sleep, play, and they are put into motion through a curious evolution, inspired by the limitations of their invented bodies. Borbulho is a piece about evolution and adaptation. It depicts the fragility of human beings in the world as we know it, and our need to adapt in order to continue the evolutionary process.

Target Audience: The target audience for this project is people who go to the theater. Not necessarily children only, but including children of 10 and above. 

Summary: The branding could include TV adds, posters, magazine adds and program to be distributed at the piece.  The piece is whimsical and playful, but dealing wth a profound philosophical and sociological subject. The logo should show this qualities as well as a possibility of movement, since it is both a dance piece and a piece about metamorphosis.






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