Booze Reviews

I don't have a credible paint/draw editor so I don't have storyboards drawn out, yet, but have the ideas sketched in my mind. Basically the app would be a searchable on-phone database of spirit reviews.
Specific capabilities/characteristics:

   * Review contents (name, background, tasting notes, manufacturer, etc.) served up from local sqlite DB
   * Bottle images either served up from local file store or served from the web and cached
   * Ability to browse/search by name, predefined tag, etc.
   * Download new, additional or changed content from a web repository
   * User can bookmark, (dis)like, or otherwise annotate the local copy in a minimal fashion


   * browse by name scene
      * display with spirit name+photo only
      * display also with short description

   * browse using tags scene
      * display spirit name+photo only
      * display also with short description

   * individual review scene
      * each review page has a photo plus contents
      * swipe side to side to page through multiple reviews from the selected set
      * back button to go back to the catalog (name or tag)
      * annotation button (like, hate, …)
      * field for user's own notes
      * button to share socially via FB ???

   * admin/settings/... scene
      * download update
      * change font size
      * ???

   * other UI notes:
      * very inspired by the new Yahoo weather app UI
      * clean/minimal not super-Apple-y design
      * blur background photo as text is slid over it.?

In a perfect world (i.e., if this goes to a stage 2...):

1. DB should be encrypted on the web site, and decrupted within the app, to avoid easy data theft and copy-cat application using my own content

2. User can add to local database
    * Basic Text Add
    * Camera?

3. Contribute to main database
    * Auto-upload from own DB
    * "Admin approval" is required before the content is shared with the world, to minimize spam/junk

4. Social sharing via FB or ...