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Booze Calligraphy Calendar

I've started to work on calligraphy, but I didn't have a goal in mind for why I was learning calligraphy and I didn't have a motivation to learn different styles. So I created a project for myself to create a 2015 Calendar of famous drinks in various calligraphy styles.

This class was an opportunity to work on my scanning / digital production of the calligraphy... so lets go through my process:

I sketch out various Gin & Tonic versions using a parallel 6mm flat tip, 3.5mm tip and a Tombow Brush Pen.

I like the use of this Gin because it has some texture and interest with it.

The ampersand was the cleanest curves with some nice little character details that I wanted to keep in the final version.

The Tonic was the most difficult to design and draw out, while i'm still not quite satisfied with the Tonic in relation to the rest I felt that this tonic was the best design.

So after editing and modifying them in Photoshop and Illustrator I came up with this:

Lastly it's all about putting the graphic in context:

While i'm still working out what colors to use and how I want to style the calendar layout and calligraphy, I can tell I'm on the right track.


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