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Bootlegger's Son

I'm really lazy, so luckily I had a partially finished illustration that I could play with for this project. Haha.

Back in June I flew out to Denver to see Old Crow Medicine Show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre (they were amazing, btw). On my flight I started doodling in my sketchbook and created this little illustration based off their song "Bootlegger's Boy." 


Last month I decided to render it out in photoshop with a very stark visual sense. Well, I got frustrated with it and didn't finish it. So, it's just been sitting around and collecting dust. 

I'm really interested in learning motion graphics, and this project seemed right up my alley. Here's what I created:


This was a lot of fun to do and the course described the process wonderfully. I'd love some feedback and any suggestions to make it better. My favorite animated parts are the "xxx" and the cork burst; they seem to have the most personality and are really playful. Thanks!


I'd like to add more detail to the jug, and was wondering if I add to the illustration in the PS file if it will update the AEP file? (like a linked file in InDesign)

UPDATE 9.22.15

I parented "Bootlegger's" to the jug layer.



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