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Boot Camp: Core Typesetting Training in InDesign

The project for this class will be a simple single-page layout done in separate drills. Repeat the drills over and over until you get your time down. Then do the full set of four drills together and post your final time.

For your page, you can choose and serif for body copy and a sans serif for headers. Each time you choose a different font, you'll create a new challenge in copyfitting, since each typeface is different in the way it's designed.

Class outline:

This InDesign Boot Camp is an intermediate-level speed session for design practitioners who want to take the guesswork out of page production. Learn:

• How to prepare a proper page grid
• How to build text boxes for maximum efficiency
• How to quickly establish a typography hierarchy system
• How to use styles effectively

Final Published Class:


Intro video:



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