Boosting the memory and increasing comprehension by the end of 2016

My goals for the Superlearner course:

1.) By September 10, 2016, I need to boost my memory to achieve my artistic goals; allowing me to remember steps in creating complex art on the computer, without the need to refer to written instructions. This would allow me to be more productive and more confident in the process of artistic "creation". Not to mention... faster.

(Short term relevance goal: Use my added memory skills to memorize areas/sites/attractions around the Magic Kingdom for my family vacation. This will no doubt aid us in getting the group to areas faster; allowing us to increase the number of attractions we hit in a day. Maybe it will help me memorize the different restaurants and some of their menus as well! I'm sure there will not be a lack of visuals to use at Disney World!)

3.) By November 15, 2016, I will be able to memorize a string of 15 numbers forwards and backwards in under 2 minutes so that I will never forget my personal card numbers again. (This one was so good and useful, I had to absorb this into my goals!)

1.) By December 30, 2016, I would like to speed read to get through the many books and magazines I have had stored around the house for so long.