Boost Your Creativity with Meditation

Boost Your Creativity with Meditation - student project

Yay! Just started. 

This is my Class Description:


So, you probably already know that meditation is a fantastic way to drop stress. But did you know that it also will boost your creativity?

It does! :)

When you meditate, you get your linear mind and ego out of the way for a moment. You basically make room for the creative ideas to stream in. It removes the barriers in your mind and allows you to make the quantum leap in thinking you need to solve problems, create art, and blast through writer's block.


I can say this, because it has worked for me, time and again. (It also has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed studies. What?! Amazing!)

What You Will Learn

In this class, you will learn about the tremendous power of meditation to access the non-linear, creative part of your mind.

I will take you through guided meditations that are like follow-along, fairy-tale stories that can help you drop into a deeper awareness, the realm where creativity lives.

You will directly experience the increased productivity that follows meditation.

Even if you have had trouble with meditation in the past, I walk you through several core ideas that will help you meditate and settle your mind. No experience necessary!


Let me know what you think!

AND... My intro video:


I just published my class!! Yay! And before the deadline too! :)

Geneva Robins
Reiki Master - Teacher - Author - Scientist