Boomy Bear and Johnny Cupcakes collaboration | Skillshare Projects

Jose Fremaint

Multimedia Designer



Boomy Bear and Johnny Cupcakes collaboration

--- FINAL PROJECT --- Mockup and Techpack

--- WEEK 2 ---


Here is one of my sketches and i already started to work with the digitizing process. 

Im gonna make another version of the gun , its gonna be a a decorating frosting tube. 

Thanks to Albert Lozoya for the idea of the fronsting tube.


2nd Sketch

Boomy Bear inside the cupcake



--- ME ---

Im a designer and i dont eat a lot of candys but i love the bright colors. i have a lot of designs but i know im gonna learn a lot of new things in this classroom. And is a dream for me to be a designer for Johnny Cupcakes, who knows what happens right ? 

Here is my portfolio:

Thank you for the opportunity Chris Delorenzo.

See you all in the class room !! ^_^

Join my Group:  Design By Aliens 


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