Boom's Night Photos

Chicago Night Time

Downtown Chicago - It was a freezing night (-5 degrees) but a wonderful night time view.

Camera Nikon D90, f/7.1, 2.5 sec, ISO 200

Light Painting Fun

My friend Yalin and I had some fun trying out light-painting.

Camera Nikon D90, f/5.6, 20 sec, ISO 200

Late Night Light Trail

This picture is my first try at creating light trails with my friend Yalin immediately after the class. Below are the details of the camera setting I used to take this shot. There wasn't too many cars because it was late, so I couldn't get a a smooth light trail. I tried to balance the slow shutter speed by increasing the aperture. Please comment! 

Camera Nikon D90, f/22, 15 sec, ISO 100


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