Boomin' | Skillshare Projects


I choose to create an illustration using the word loud. Not only do I want loud to be represented by the stereo but through use of color as well. I also intend to make the stero fill the page completely to further the concept of loud. I thought something simple would make it easier to play with textures. 

After sketching I moved on to digitalizing my sketch. To choose my color pallette I based it off the hot pink color. I knew I wanted the color themselves to feel very loud, so I thought hot pink would be a good place to start. I tried to use unity and variety through repetition. A couple things I'm not sure about is if the colors are too close in value and also if it feels to chaotic. I wanted it be very full and in your face, but I don't want to make sure there are places for your eyes to rest. I'm interested to see how textures will affect it as well.

I think my final touches helped at a depth to this illustration. I'm still trying to figure out the right balance of too much texture and enough texture. Overall I think I learned a lot of helpful techniques to make my illustration stronger.


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