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BoomerangBeat - Simplified News

BoomerangBeat is for the people who hate walking into the middle of an important conversation and can’t figure out what’s going on because it never slows down. 

I don’t want them to leave the conversation so, I provide the context. I hope my readers outgrow me.

This is how I see the current state of the news industry.

The Millennial generation has come of age in a world where the media functions as a megaphone for complex news issues more than they do as interpreters, helping us contextualize and understand. Pew Research Center’s State of the Media 2013 addresses this issue directly.

This is a problem because as a member of this generation, I’ve often seen and felt the wrath of the finger pointing habit of older generations. We’re pegged as a group of out of touchirresponsible, and ignorant individuals that care more about Facebook and celebrities than we do about politics and current affairs.

Maybe this is true but it circles back to my problem with the state of the media …

Though genuine efforts have been made by some to help us, we don’t need another platform regurgitating popular headlines. Technology has already allowed us to customize our alerts, Facebook walls and Twitter streams. As Doug Fisher said it best, “We can get the ‘more’ if we want it very easily. If the media wants our loyalty and engagement, the formula isn’t more, it’s better.”

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. - Ignacio Estrada

This is my goal with BoomerangBeat. I’m not the best writer and I’m definitley throwing AP style out the window, but I’m trying to change a landscape I’m unhappy with. I mean, have you seen the questions people ask on Yahoo! Answers, or the Like I'm 5 group on Reddit? People are asking the questions and the news industry is seriously missing the boat. 

Check it out:


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