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Jody Linn

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I used the assignment as an excuse to play with one of my fandoms. I added a touch of black ink to the fluff layer on the cloud and even a little mica powder so there's a shimmer that the camera isn't picking up. The lights of the town and the litle shoots of sparks in the Glow Cloud were done with masking fluid but the lettering was negative space, it was a challenge to keep the colors flowing around the letters but practice, practice, practice I guess. I'm still finding it a challenge to get an even gradient across a large area.

SO looking forward to your next class, Ana!


I used Liquitex ink! in white for the texture layer and I'm not sure that I like it. I'm going to have to give this another try using some of the other materials suggested and see if that's the problem. This was another technique that really comes together at the end, it's so cool to watch the clouds forming.


I wanted to get a littl more practice with the gradient technique from the beginner class so I went with that. I used a stiff fan brush to get the swoops and the negative space technique for the triangles (a last minute decision while painting the background. A lot of fun! I'm going to try to get a better picture of it during the daylight hours tomorrow.


I enjoyed the playtime with the beginner technique again and used the Liquitex ink! in white both full strength and thinned.


SO happy to have a chance to take another class with Ana!

I usually work very small with watercolor but I've been trying to work a little larger for these techniques and I'm finding it a challenge to keep the edges and enough area wet enough to work on without completely flooding the paper and warping it. More practice with the larger brush for me ;D



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