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Ever needed an independent honest unbiased opinion of something you have created? Ever struggled to connect with the audience your product is created for? Ever felt like your work was not respected or your time was not valued? These are all common issues for authors and reviewers in the current literary environment.

Bookvetter is about connecting people, people who love books. The literary world is changing as both industrial literature and mass media are dying like the leaves on the trees that were once used to print books. As the traditional system withers we are still searching for the process that will replace it.

We have gone from printing 300,000 books a year to over 3 million books a year now that anyone can publish a book. Aside from seeing a massive amount of material that is not ready for a larger audience we are also seeing great books failing to find the right audience and getting lost in the chaos.

The Bookvetter solution is to crowd source books using two different communities; an author community and a book review blogger community. The process starts in the author community with anonymous peer reviews in order to avoid review reprisals or review trading. The content of the book and the reviewers reading interests will always match in order to ensure a book is given a fair review and the author is provided with relevant feedback that can improve the book.

If a books cumlative review score is high enough, the book is then considered a Vetted Book and offered to the book review blogger community for additional review. Book review bloggers are the real stars of the literary world and the scarce resource (authors vastly outnumber book review bloggers).

The primary means of spreading the word about Bookvetter at the moment are direct contact with authors at LinkedIn. There are numerous forums where authors are promoting their books and it's easy enough to contact them privately and suggest they consider the service.

There is however a primary means of spreading the word that is nearly ready to be fully operational. The book review request form, that book review bloggers can embed in their websites to filter their review requests and automate their approval and rejection process, is just about completed. The rejection emails will contain a message informing the author of the book reviewers decison and also suggesting that they consider trying Bookvetter as part of obtaining the reviews they are seeking.

The primary benefits that book review bloggers receive is having their book review requests filtered, automatic emails, and a place to store/organize their review requests that includes folders for the status of each request.

The challenges at the moment are pitching to two different audiences, and working to refine the message so it is something that users will share with others.

The website address is Bookvetter and I'm fully open to any feedback that can be used to improve the website and concept. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your input.



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