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Books_She_Reads Instagram - student project

This was a fantastic class. I learned so much about using Instagram and I am excited to implement changes into how I post. My situation is a bit different since I am not trying to sell products or services that I offer. Instead, I use Instagram as an outlet to share my love of books. My goal is to create connections with my followers and create a community that discusses books that inspire change.


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- age: 25 - 44

- gender: female

- location: the United States

- rent or own: both?

- work/career: I honestly don't know how to narrow this down

- income: This can also vary significantly. Books range from free (library) to moderate (purchasing used) to a costly habit (purchasing new)



- purchasing considerations: compatibility (genres), enjoyment, entertainment, informational, inspirational

- childhood ambitions: author, teacher, activist. This is another hard one to narrow down since literature is such a diverse and inclusive topic.

- creates joy: books of course!  connecting to the human condition. They could have a favorite genre such as fantasy (great for escaping the real world) or memoirs (life lessons/inspiration/perspective). 

- hopes & wishes: to be reading

how can Books_She_Reads change their life/business: by providing reliable book recommendations and a positive platform to discuss books.

- what is most important: exploring the diversities of life.



- major brands they follow: large publishers and popular authors.

- bloggers/influencers the follow: bookstagramers, book reviewers, book review blogs

- favorite social media platform: Instagram

- favorite content: beautiful books, book reviews, book recommendations

- clickable content: relatable books


Top Ten Values

1. compassion

2. curiosity

3. understanding

4. diversity

5. empathy

6. enjoyment

7. intelligence

8. community

9. equality

10. honesty


Top Three Values

1. empathy

2. honesty

3. community


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Value Prop Questions

- top three brand values: 1. books that explore the human condition 2. authentic reviews 3. positive community

- what do I do differently: still trying to figure this one out. I do have a blog that I post my reviews to and direct my Instagram posts towards my blog. I have been seriously thinking about dropping my blog and doing only Instagram. I would also like to implement my skills as a graphic designer and illustrator into my feed.

- what does my brand stand for: quality book reviews and recommendations, fun and creative bookish content 

- what do I want my brand to be known for: quality book reviews and recommendations, fun and creative bookish content

- what do I promise: authentic book reviews


Value Prop Story

Books She Reads features books that explore the human condition, speak against injustice, and inspire positive change by providing authentic reviews and fostering a positive book community. Through the power of Instagram, Books She Reads is able to reach a diverse audience through her authentic reviews and uniquely fun and creative bookish creations. 


Value Prop Sentence

Authentic book reviews and recommendations that explore the human condition and inspire positive change.


3 Types of Images

1. stylized flats: these are good for showcasing the reviewed book

2. people in portraits: to remind my followers that I am a real person, actually reading the books I review

3. quotes & inspiration: an opportunity to exercise my artistic skills and share significant quotes from the books I am reading

bonus: I could use stories to share 'behind the scenes' daily updates of reading/blogging


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3 Caption Types

1. thoughts and ideas: sharing my book opinions

2. inspire: share powerful quotes from the books I read

3. behind the scenes: reminding my followers that I am a real person


Content Priorities: image type - caption type (content)

- first priority: stylized flats photo - thoughts and idea caption (book reviews)

- second priority: quotes & inspiration - inspire (book quotes)

- third priority: people in portraits - behind the scenes (new books to my TBR, what I am reading)


Moving Forward

- using the branded hashtag #booksshereads or #booksforchange

- I will be more intentional with my post content (book reviews, adding to my TBR, book quotes, monthly TBR list)

- I will be more stylized with my photos to create a unified look

- I will incorporate more of my personality into my captions and encourage engagement with my followers by asking questions


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